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New Release Kit


ZWCAD Touch To Win Banner(sourcefile)

Banner Design for ZWCAD Touch

ZWCAD+ SP1 Banner Design


Press Release: ZWCAD_Mechanical_Accelerates_Mechanical_Design_Process

Press Release: ZWCAD+_Integrates_More_Applications_to_Upgrade_Design_Experience

【Video】ZWCAD+ 3D Function Introducing

ZWCAD Mechanical Marketing Release Kit

ZWCAD+ Marketing Kit List (updated on 7.30)

ZWCAD+ Background Design

【Video】ZWCAD+ Overview

ZWCAD+ X-shelf Design

ZWCAD+ Poster Design

Press Release:ZWCAD+_Incorporates_dwg_Support_and_3D_Components_from_ODA_and_Spatial

Press Release:ZWCAD+_Launch_New_Core_New_Possibilities

ZWCAD+ Quick Installation Guide

ZWCAD+ Banner Design (official released)

【Video】ZWCAD+ Tool Palettes

【Video】ZWCAD+Associate Dimension and Field

【Video】ZWCAD+ LISP Trailer

【Video】ZWCAD+ VPMAX Trailer

【ZWCAD Mechanical】 Brochure

ZWCAD+ Unified Promotional Standards

【ZWCAD Mechanical】 Brochure Content

ZWCAD+ Catalogue Design (Source file)

ZWCAD+ Catalogue (PDF)

Press Release:ZWCAD+ Brings More Opportunities to Developers with the New APIs

Press Release: Smooth and Efficient ZWCAD+ Beta Now Available

Banner Design for Open Beta

ZWCAD+ VI Manual (PDF format)

ZWCAD+ VI Manual (AI format)

ZWCAD+ Brochure Design

Newsletter template: ZWCAD+: A New Name for the Next ZWCAD

ZWCAD+ Brochure Content

ZWCAD+ Catalog Content

ZWCAD+ LISP Trailer Video

Design of CD envelop

Design of CD Stick

Package Design

Press Release: LISP Application Runs 8X Faster on ZWCAD+

Flyer for ZWCAD+ pre-marketing

Banner Design_ZWCAD+ new name

ZWCAD+ Logo Design

【Video】ZWCAD+ New UI and SmartMouse Video

Tricks & Tips: The_Upcoming_ZWCAD_Gets_A_Smart_Ribbon_UI

Why Do We Name It ZWCAD+

Highlights of ZWCAD+

Newsletter template for ZWCAD+ 2012 free upgrade

Banner Design_ZWCAD+ free upgrade

Press Release--UI of ZWCAD+

ZWCAD 2012

ZWCAD 2012 Catalogue Part2(Source file with AI format)

ZWCAD 2012 Shelf Design

ZWCAD 2012 Poster Design

ZWCAD 2012 Backgroud Design

ZWCAD 2012 Soft-encryption Installation Guide

Banner Design for ZWCAD 2012 Release

Banner Desing for ZWCAD 2012 Release 50% Discount Promotion

Press Release for ZWCAD 2012

ZWCAD 2012 Catalogue Part1(PDF, TEXT)

Newsletter Design for ZWCAD 2012

ZWCAD 2012 Marketing Materials Price List

ZWCAD 2012 Promotional Video

ZWCAD`s Valued Customers

ZWCAD 2012 Promotion Standards

ZWSOFT Introduction (PPT)

ZWCAD 2012 Dongel Installation Guide

ZWCAD 2012 Brochure

ZWCAD 2012 CD Envelop

ZWCAD 2012 CD Paster

ZWCAD 2012 Package

ZWCAD 2012 Flyer